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Community Development Scotland

Community Development Scotland is a Social Enterprise subsidiary company of BRAG Enterprises Ltd, delivering bespoke community development services across Scotland. Over the Years the parent company BRAG Enterprises Ltd, has delivered a number of initiatives across Scotland aimed at developing communities and in 2013 we decided to form a new company to deliver our work out with Fife.

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Community Development Scotland delivers services around an "Asset Based Community Development" (ABCD) approach which identifies and mobilises individual and community 'assets', rather than focusing on problems and needs (i.e. 'deficits'). We work with people in communities to generate solutions to issues and problems from within. This ensures that solutions are fully integrated and meet the needs of those communities and are not just "parachuted" in.

We particularly specialise in working with hard to reach communities, usually those suffering from multiple deprivations, as highlighted in the Scottish Indices of Multiple Deprivation data produced by the Scottish Government. Part of our role also encompasses helping communities to develop and sustain capital assets e.g. take over the running of a local community centre, village shop etc. We also work with businesses helping them to deliver aspects of their corporate social responsibility. We help them to identify innovative ways of delivering benefits to communities and provide a brokering service between the community and the business to ensure an integrated approach, as well as a lasting relationship.

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