Sarah Dewar in her Nail Salon

Tenant spotlight – Beauty by brush – Sarah Dewar

Sarah has run her beauty business from our Crosshill Community Enterprise Centre for 2 years. Her services have included a nail bar, hair removal and massage. Sarah has recently returned from Maternity leave and is using this fresh perspective to re-shuffle her services. She will be focusing on the nail bar and is looking to add in make-up and tanning through time. Sarah has found that through speaking to her clients, these are the services that they would be more likely to use.

Sarah decided to rent business space from BRAG as salon rental prices were very high and she felt that she needed a definite workplace away from her home. Sarah’s clients are mainly local people from Lochgelly to Ballingry and she has built a good regular client base. Sarah tries to keep her prices as reasonable as possible as she knows how difficult it can be for working mums and she loves being able to provide a service that helps people feel good about themselves. Sarah keeps her skills updated by offering playday nails twice a year. This gives her the opportunity to play around with ideas from 3D sculpting to encapsulating everyday objects into her designs. She also attends the beauty show every year, to keep up to date with current industry stockists and all that they have to offer.

Sarah said: “If it hadn’t been for BRAG’s business space, I would probably be working from home, as that is the only affordable option for me.”

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To book an appointment with Sarah message beauty by brush on facebook or call 07501230751.