BRAG business space is at maximum capacity!

BRAG offer low cost business space to small businesses at both their Crosshill and Levenmouth Community Enterprise Centres. Crosshill Community Enterprise Centre became full in early 2021 with just a few spaces remaining in our Levenmouth Community Enterprise Centre. We are proud to announce that we now have a full house in Levenmouth too! Both of our Community Enterprise Centres host a range of businesses from car valeting and detailing, massage and aesthetics to tattooing and even carpets, we are so much more than office space.

As we are a social enterprise we rely a lot on funding this operates on a match funding basis, meaning that we need to generate income to match the required amounts. Supplying low-cost business space to small businesses and charities allows us that income.

Last week we trained 7 new recruits to our employability service with No-one left behind. We are proudly still working to increase employability and also encourage enterprise in Fife, Tayside, Forth valley and the Lothians with the New Enterprise Allowance scheme with our partner PeoplePlus. Our Levenmouth Together project is also set to expand with a rebrand and an exciting new hub on Leven High Street, details will be published here as soon as they are finalised.

There are indeed exciting times ahead!

To view some of our current tenants click here.