Brag have arrived in Levenmouth

Brag Enterprises finally opened its new enterprise centre and took great pride in showing it off to everyone the other day.  With 29 years’ experience in social improvement this new centre is a major strategic investment for the social firm and had been 2 years in the planning, Brag’s ambition to move into the area was with a view of supporting local economic rejuvenation and delivering significant social improvements to local people. The new centre will act as a hub for community led business, social enterprise and third sector provision with an aim of creating real jobs and business growth

Brian Robertson-Fern, Managing Director from Brag Enterprises said: “We are looking forward to working with the people of Levenmouth and in assisting them to achieve their ambitions for the area. When I became a Trustee and Director at Brag in 2016 I recognised that Levenmouth was a community that needed some extra assistance and that Brag had the skill set to help out. I do however remain mindful that each of the towns and villages that make up the Levenmouth area all have their own uniqueness and we must respect this. We would therefore hope to work with them individually to help drive inclusive growth in their own communities”

“The next chapter of this Levenmouth story is to now work with these communities to realise that potential. Early discussions have already shown us that its people have high ambitions for the community and for themselves. I want us to support where we can and enable these extraordinary residents to help them achieve all that they can bringing future prosperity to them and their families. The Brag team are made up of dedicated professionals who will help people into work or even start up their own businesses or social enterprises. It’s important however that the community itself is the long term beneficiary here and that all the agencies work together to make a real difference”

Cllr Altany Craik, Fife Council’s Economy Convener said “The creation of a new community enterprise centre builds on the sustained work of Brag Enterprises in West Fife, delivering space for community-focused enterprises to grow and develop. This fantastic facility in Levenmouth, provides much needed space for entrepreneurial activity within the Mid Fife community. We’re all looking forward to working with their team to improve our community with a view to creating real economic and social impact in this area”.

Gordon Mole, Senior Manager, Business & Employability at Fife Council, added “Brag Enterprises’ creative refurbishment of this business space provides another opportunity for Levenmouth to build, grow and expand much needed community and social enterprises. I know Brag shares the community’s values and brings the appropriate professional expertise to delivering new businesses in the area”

The formal opening was followed by a community event called ‘Here comes summer!’ This event was attended by over 400 people with more than half being young children. Everyone attending was offered a snack including fruit with the kids all getting a small toy. The glorious weather and activities which included a bouncy castle and crafts went down well and was deemed a great success

Brag Enterprises Chair and Trustee Iain Gow cuts the cake along with Gordon Mole from Fife Council