Brag staff make festive donations to local projects

It’s the season for giving and this is especially important in this year of all years.

Every year the Brag team take part in a secret santa with a £10 budget per person. Gifts are normally exchanged at our annual Christmas lunch. This year, we can’t have our team Christmas lunch as we are all in separate bubbles so we thought it would be a great idea to collate our £10 budget and donate it to local worthwhile projects.

In Levenmouth the teams bought shopping for Levenmouth Foodbank, donated £50 to the cosy kids appeal and donated toys to the local gift appeal. In Crosshill Staff donated to the Pantry@brag and the Benarty toy appeal and staff also donated to their own local charities and organisations.

The team at Brag want the communities they serve to have the best Christmas ever!

Our photos show staff shopping for the foodbank, donating to cosy kids and the toys for the local gift appeal. Also as we can’t have our usual Levenmouth Children’s Christmas party, we have Santa and friends delivering kindly donated gifts to Levenmouth children on Friday 18th December.