Braggin Fifers walk away with the honours

THE three F24 teams from BRAG enjoyed a good day at the weekend when they raced at East Fortune.

The event showed how far the project, run from the Crosshill Centre, has come, with their cars racing and producing results and gaining awards.

As this was the Flyin’ Fifers first race within F24+, they were all very nervous before getting out on to the track.

Team Manager, Liam Campbell, said, “I felt really nervous but was excited to get on out there and was looking forward to seeing how the car would handle on a big track ”. As the F24+ car is a new car they have put a lot of work into making changes and getting to grips with the speed controller which is fitted to their car. One of the team members, Liam Lyndsay, moved up to the F24+ Team this season so this was a huge change for him as he had been used to driving the Bragin’ Fifers car last season, and he said, “The new car is totally different from the Bragin’ Fifers, it’s a much faster car and you are almost in a lying down position when you are driving the car-it was a lot to get used to but it’s very exciting”.