Enterprise Centre in Methil gets a makeover

Brag moved into Thomson House back in May 2018 and quickly renamed it Levenmouth Community Enterprise Centre with a view to replicating it’s tested community enterprise centre model. Two years and a pandemic later we are proud to finally announce that we have  agreed a purchase deal ending over 2 years of rental with full ownership moving to Brag in December 2020.

The Managing Director at Brag, Brian Robertson-Fern said “This investment commits Brag to a long term future within the area, where we look to assist the people of Levenmouth to become all that they can be. Our wish is that everyone in the area can now benefit from some of the great new investments coming this way with Brag doing all it can to support that journey. Our part is very small but is another piece of the jigsaw that will return the area to a more positive and prosperous future. Our start up business space at the centre will become the homes to many small local enterprises and we hope to be able to see them become the backbone of local entrepreneurship”


The building his been extensively remodeled inside and now has 21 distinct spaces for affordable rental. As well as this new rental space Brag and its own projects will work from this office. This includes our families project Square Start and our local events project Levenmouth Together. The latter has recently been running its monthly market from the car park and plans to host  a car boot sale later this month



If you are interested in renting space please feel free to check out what we have