Formula 24 in Schools


F24/F24+ (11-16yrs/16+yrs) Programme

  • Our F24 Programme can be delivered as part of the Secondary Schools Core Curriculum
  • The programme can be delivered in ½ day sessions over 16 weeks
  • We will also provide advice and guidance on accessing F24 Race Events across the UK
  • Provide opportunities to access qualifications such as City & Guilds or Industry recognised qualifications such as AQA, Industrial Cadets and CREST.


Through this unique hands on experience young people can;

  • Identify interests, strengths and skills and use them to make informed choices
  • Re-engage with learning
  • Choose subjects, courses and experiences to enable career pathways
  • Understand and demonstrate behaviours that an employer looks for
  • Work towards achieving qualifications which will support future career aspirations
  • Develop Enterprises Skills through raising funds and seeking sponsorship/support from local business
  • Raise attainment and attendance in school

For further information or to discuss your specific school’s requirements please do not hesitate to contact the Team. If you call ask for Kirsten or Ann