This was one of our main youth delivery interventions and introduced young people to the key aspects of STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering & Maths/Mechanics)

At BRAG we feel that our unique hands-on learning experience through the Greenpower Challenge provides numerous opportunities to engage with STEM activities for young people from Primary Education through to Secondary Education and beyond.

This project introduced young people to STEM and Renewables through the building of a battery powered single seat racing car. As the technology and green energy industries became more important in Scotland, Formula 24 enabled us to provide an innovative and unique hands-on opportunity and provided important elements of the educational aspects of technology and green energy in a fun and practical way.

The project linked directly with the current Scottish Government Strategy aims;

  • To improve levels of STEM enthusiasm, skills and knowledge in order to raise attainment and aspirations in learning, life and work.
  • To encourage the uptake of more specialist STEM skill required to gain employment in the growing STEM sectors of the economy, through further study and training.

The project recognised the importance of hands on learning which can be incorporated in the Curriculum for Excellence and ensures that this educational project reflects relevant Experiences and Outcomes with the CfE for all ages, Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Learners and Responsible Citizens. Participants gained more confidence and skills as they had the opportunity to develop and learn new skills that many young people may not ordinarily be exposed to. The project provided progression routes for those who wanted to develop their skills further and linked directly to Developing the Young Workforce and with national ambitions and promote excellence and equity with the context of the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

We aim to inspire and encourage young people to take part in and excel in STEM Subjects, as well as being inclusive and integrating a wide variety of young people tackling the gender imbalance in STEM subjects and connecting with education, communities and industry.