High Street Hub calls for Bingo Buddies

BRAG Enterprises were successful in securing funding from Fife Communities’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund. The award is being used to deliver “Bingo Buddies” sessions four times a week. The sessions are aimed at elderly residents of Levenmouth who live in care homes, sheltered housing or are independently living who have been most at risk of social isolation throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The sessions are hosted within the newly opened Together Levenmouth High Street Hub café. The main aims of the project are to re-introduce social gatherings, encourage new friendships and increase general health and wellbeing by exercising the mind with a free game of prize bingo and also chatting with the group over a cup of tea or coffee and a cake. The sessions have been a great success so far, and Carole Dickson, Activities Co-ordinator with Abbotsford Bayview sent us this statement;


“Over the past few weeks residents within Abbotsford Bayview have been visiting ‘The Hub’ Levenmouth together, and have been getting their lunch and playing games of bingo with assistance/support from staff and all costs are covered. Residents and staff at Abbotsford Bayview feel this has brightened their mood and spirits, whilst being involved within the community as this is something they enjoy. Residents have stated they have enjoyed socialising with others from different nursing homes and people from the community as they have felt the impact over the past 2 years of COVID. Residents have also been gifted easter eggs from Levenmouth together with ‘The Hub’ which they were greatly appreciative of, and overwhelmed with the consideration of such a thoughtful gesture.


Staff feel ‘The Hub’ is a great opportunity for residents to socialise and meet others whilst giving them a purpose and take part in social community activities, which benefits their health and wellbeing of the residents. Residents feel the hub is a great idea and feel in uplifted spirits when returning from the hub and always look forward to the weekly visits. As a whole from staff and residents we are extremely grateful for the generosity and all costs being covered by brag. Staff and residents are also making visits outside their weekly visits. ”


The Together Levenmouth hub team are extending the sessions to members of the Levenmouth community. If you are retired, live in Levenmouth and feel socially isolated, give the hub a call on 01333 422657 to book your free space to win real prizes. Transport may also be available for those who require it.