The success of community organisations  depends very much on people just like you. Individually organisations do all they can themselves to raise their own funds but sometimes that’s just not enough. Brag’s aim is to support this task by supporting community organisations by utilising our website as a tool to help them fundraise, attract donations or event sponsorship.

Listed below are all the current community projects that we are working with where they are looking for your assistance. You can donate or help fundraise for any of these groups. Its your choice.

Alternatively if someone you know is raising money for one of these community causes and you want to support them get them to register as a fundraiser. Once they are registered you can search for them and donate to their activity on the fundraisers page. Assuming you are a tax payer and you tick the gift aid box the community cause you pick will receive 115% of the money you donate

Are you a community group wanting our help? If you run a community organisation yourself, you can have us support your community group by taking part in a planned event or setting up your own event. Contact us if you think your project would benefit from our help

Current Projects

square start at home

Square Start Levenmouth

Square Start is a project led by BRAG Enterprises and co delivered with Fife Gingerbread to provide family friendly activities, events, workshops and support...

The pantry@brag

BRAG as a charity dedicated to alleviating poverty have responded to the current COVID 19 crisis by setting up an emergency food donation and...

Food Bank- Benarty

The Organisation Dunfermline Foodbank (which includes Benarty) was started in 2012 by a John Drylie and Ian Hepburn who burned with a passion to...

Cowdenbeath Foodbank

The Organisation Dunfermline Foodbank (which includes Cowdenbeath) was started in 2012 by a John Drylie and Ian Hepburn who burned with a passion to...