square start levenmouth 2 toddlers sat on grass

Loneliness Awareness Week 15th–19th June.

Loneliness is a very human emotion and it affects every single one of us at some time in our lives. Today we are going to look at parental loneliness. Research, published in November 2019 by London Charity Coram Family and Childcare, found that over half (56 per cent) of parents with children under five, experience loneliness at least some of the time. This study was carried out before government restriction measures were implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social isolation is the new normal for a lot of families, which is why parenting groups like Square Start Levenmouth in Fife are vitally important, they provide support from other parents and staff and offer a real sense of community.

Square Start Levenmouth is a project set up in September 2019 and run by BRAG Enterprises and Fife Gingerbread. The project is funded by the aspiring communities fund (Scottish Government and European Union funding). The project’s aim is to offer a full family solution to social isolation in the Levenmouth area. Prior to the health crisis the team were hosting family nights, coffee afternoons, one to one sessions, Bookbug and craft activities for the registered families as well as life skills and training courses for parents. The team have embraced the challenges that the restrictions posed and took everything they provided physically and delivered digitally and remotely instead. Their face to face support is still carried out by zoom and video calling, group support within a private social media group setting where family nights still happen through cooking on a budget sessions, play therapy sessions, a zoom coffee afternoon, monthly quiz nights, fitness sessions via facebook live and soon the team will be offering completely online first aid and food hygiene courses to the parents. Feedback from the parents involved in the project so far included feeling part of a community, meeting new friends, learning new skills, spending quality time with their children, getting them out of the house and helping with mental health issues.

If you are a parent of a child and live in the Levenmouth area, struggle to make connections and need some parenting support then contact us today.