Michael polishing a nice red car

Tenant spotlight – Next Gen Detailing and Valet

Michael Mclauchlan has been running his business here at BRAG’s Crosshill Enterprise Centre since May 2019. At 18 years old Michael really enjoyed looking after his own car, the results were noticed by friends and family and he was asked to do the same to their cars. A few years later Michael set up next gen but it wasn’t a very popular service at the time so 10 months later the business folded and Michael went back to this being a hobby with just a few regular clients.

Michael gained employment as head Valeter for VW for a year then went on to work for BMW. Michael didn’t like the target driven environment as he couldn’t give the attention to detail that he was known for. He decided that he could use his skills and experience to work for himself. Initially in March 2019 he started off by buying a van and running a mobile valeting service. In May 2019 Michael’s friend David McKay asked if Michael wanted to share a business unit with his breakdown recovery service at BRAG Crosshill, Michael agreed and soon the business had outgrown the shared space. Michael realised that he needed his own space to keep up with the demand, luckily another unit had just become available, so Next Gen moved next door in January of this year. The business is going from strength to strength and is now a team of 4 and Next Gen has built quite a following on social media. Michael said: “People are always telling me I’m too cheap but I price for the area, I offer a high standard of work at a low price, giving fantastic value for money.” The team will cater a package to suit individual needs and budget.

It seems to be working as he now has contracts from local garages as well as his regular client base. When asked about renting business space at BRAG Michael said: “Without business space here I’d still be operating mobile.” He added: “This feels like home.”

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A true story of how determination pays off in business. Well done Michael and all at next Gen.

To book your car in for some TLC message the facebook page or pop in.