No one left behind is the Scottish Government’s approach to tackling employment issues across the nation.

It aims to ensure those who experience complex and multiple barriers to moving into work are not “left behind”.

The age group that Spring Forward will support is 25+

We have 6 partners involved, delivery Partners are Brag Enterprises, Kingdom Works, FEAT, Frontline Fife, FVA and CARF.

Offering a one to one bespoke service for adults Fife-wide over the age of 25 who are facing multiple barriers to employment. Brag enterprises and delivery partners work together to provide a person-centred support package tailored to the individuals’ needs. Including but not limited to, help with confidence building and self-esteem, support with mental health issues, action planning, access to training and work experience opportunities.


Key workers across all partners will work  closely with each other to ensure the person is receiving the appropriate support.

Find out more about No One Left Behind here.

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