Santa’s special delivery to Levenmouth Children

There was no Christmas party this year at Brag’s Levenmouth Community Enterprise Centre, for the past two years we would see over 100 Levenmouth Children come along to play games, dance and have a visit from Santa but sadly, this year has been very different.

Due to Covid restrictions we couldn’t have our annual party so we wondered how could we thank the local community without one?

We decided to ask Santa Claus for help, who said he would drive the Brag Van as his reindeer needed plenty of rest for Christmas Eve deliveries. But we all needed to make sure that Santa would keep safe to ensure that children all over the world woke up to something nice on Christmas Morning.  We had selection boxes donated to us once again by SPAR East Wemyss, Caroline Cunningham Fitness – BBX Buckhaven and books donated from The Scottish book Trust via ON Fife Libraries. With the help of Mrs Claus, the Grinch (Who was on his best behaviour and made no attempt to steal Christmas) and 11 local volunteers who wrapped, organised and delivered gifts to 150 children coming from 76 families in East Wemyss, Buckhaven, Denbeath, Methil, Methilhill, Kennoway and Leven. There was a wonderful atmosphere and the children were the real stars.

There were limited tickets available so we couldn’t give to every child but Santa said that because they have all been so good this year, that every child in Levenmouth is on the nice list so he will definitely be stopping by on Christmas Eve.