Shelle in Hi-vis at her recent market

Volunteering led to Shelle’s Dream Job.

Today Levenmouth Together’s Events Officer Shelle Ratcliffe is celebrating.

One year ago today she secured, in her own words her ‘’Dream Job.’’ Was it what she had always dreamed of?

No, it was through volunteering with Buckhaven and Denbeath Community Council that she experienced the ‘’buzz’’ of organising events. The community Council was formed in response to a question posted on social media: ‘’Do you want to bring back Buckhaven’s bonfire and firework display?’’ The post went viral with most people in agreement and to make it a reality a community council would need to be formed. Shelle was one of the very first people to jump in, she is passionate about her community so it was a natural choice for her. What she did not expect was to be nominated as Chair and the person who would lead on this mammoth task. Since then, led by Shelle the Community council has organised two Bonfire night events, a Christmas event, a summer fun day and even donned mascot costumes to entertain the kids during lockdown.

Since joining BRAG as Levenmouth Together’s Events Officer Shelle has loved every second of it, organising markets, fairs, business seminars, movie events and much more. It’s a world away from her background in care but it feeds her biggest passion – her community. When Shelle saw the position advertised she knew she had to apply. It didn’t come easily; she was a close second but another person with more experience was appointed. Luckily for Shelle, the other candidate didn’t work out, so she was later offered the job. Shelle told us ‘’I couldn’t believe I had finally got my dream job; I was so excited to be doing more to benefit not just my local community but the entire Levenmouth community.’’

Determination and hard work really do pay off. Levenmouth Together are looking for volunteers to be their events crew, would you like to join a fun, lively team, making a difference in your community?

If so, find more information here.

You never know, like Shelle you might just land your dream job.