Square Start Team show off recipe book

Square Start contributes to new recipe book

Square Start parents took part in Love Food, Hate Waste being delivered by the LEADER programme within Fife Council. The programme was divided into three parts, consisting of workshops covering food mapping sessions within southwest Fife, live cooking demonstrations with different recipes. The third session was about reducing food waste while discussing a collaborative recipe book that can be distributed within Fife council and third sector organisations. Throughout the sessions, there was a common thread that the preparation, cooking, and eating of food was bringing people together.
We discussed favourite foods and the amazing foods we have been brought up with while living in Fife. This then encouraged all participants to bring in their family recipes so we could capture them all in our “Between the Bridges” Recipe Book.

There was also funding available for organisations to deliver cooking classes, support community kitchens, and give all participants a small kitchen kit which included scales, hand blenders, spoons, and bowls for them to take home.
The Square Start workshops were delivered in both Oakley Community Centre and The Liberty Centre, Dunfermline, where we deliver our Family Nights. The families were extremely engaged, loved taking part and felt that their voices and opinions were heard and appreciated.

Square Start also supported an application to LEADER for funds to create a Teaching Community Kitchen within The Liberty Centre so not only Square Start but other community groups can benefit from the facilities. Square Start will be delivering Cooking on a Budget cooking classes with their registered families to help them with budgeting within the home as well as eating healthy and sustainable food for their families.

Contributors to “Between the Bridges” include; The Kincardine Community Association Ltd., Inverkeithing Trust, Square Start, EATS Rosyth , Jean Hall Muir, The Dunfermline Mosque, Niall Campbell, Grow West Fife, Catriona Frakitti from Innes Ross Ltd., Coalfields regeneration Trust, Ostrero, Feeding Fifers, Carolyn Bell, Fi Martynoga and Hazel Terry.

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