BRAG are delighted to be helping to raise awareness for this fantastic new energy project coming to Levenmouth.

Project video

About H100 Fife

H100 Fife is a world-first project happening in Levenmouth. It has a crucial role in helping us move away from natural gas to hydrogen gas, which doesn’t produce any carbon when it burns. The project will help demonstrate the potential for heating homes with hydrogen gas throughout the UK.

The project is being run by SGN which manages the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.9 million homes and businesses in Scotland and the south of England.

Green hydrogen will be produced using clean offshore wind power in Fife Energy Park – electricity from the power grid will be used when the wind isn’t blowing. This renewable gas will then be delivered through a new 100% hydrogen gas network, which SGN will install underground alongside their existing gas network.

Homes within the new network area in Buckhaven and Denbeath have the choice of using clean hydrogen gas until 2027 or remaining with their existing natural gas supply.

In the first phase, up to 300 participants will be able to sign up to receive a hydrogen gas supply. They’ll all get a new hydrogen boiler and new hydrogen appliances to replace their existing natural gas appliances. These will be supplied, installed, and maintained for the entire project duration free of charge.

Hydrogen gas heating systems, boilers and appliances don’t produce any carbon emissions but work just the same as their natural gas equivalents. So, if you live in the area on the map and would to opt-in, you can continue to enjoy the instant warmth and reliability of your gas supply with no change to how you use your energy.

Participants will pay the same for hydrogen gas as they would for natural gas and can opt out at any time during the project.

SGN H100Fife - system diagram

Diagram showing the end-to-end system being planned for the H100 Fife project – 100% green hydrogen, produced by electrolysis using green electricity from an offshore wind turbine, will be stored and transported to provide zero carbon heating for the project.

SGN H100Fife - project map

Project map for H100 Fife showing key sites including proposed hydrogen production, storage and demonstration facilities and 100% hydrogen network for domestic, industrial and transport connections

SGN H100Fife - OREC Demonstration Turbine

Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult Demonstration wind turbine in Levenmouth, Fife
Credit: ORE Catapult

SGN H100Fife - Hydrogen ready boiler – Worcester Bosch

Hydrogen ready boilers, like this one from manufacturer Worcester Bosch, can be fitted as direct replacements for conventional units.

What people are saying

Lorna Archer, H100 Fife Project Manager

“We’re really excited to be working in Buckhaven and Denbeath and getting to know the local community. You’ll be hearing much more from us as we ramp up our engagement activities where you can learn more about the project and how to get involved. “This project is a £32m investment to help your community transition to safe, affordable low carbon heating and develop the energy park into a hub for renewable energy innovation, bringing training and upskilling opportunities to local residents and businesses wherever possible. “Transitioning to low carbon heating is likely to be a challenge for everyone. We want to remove those challenges for those who opt-ion to H100 Fife so you can focus on using your new green hydrogen gas supply, not on organising and paying for new equipment and its installation – we’ll take care of all that for you. “Your hydrogen gas usage will not cost any more than if you were on natural gas, and existing natural gas supplies will continue to be available for homes not participating in the project.”

Liz McMenemy – BRAG Enterprises

“The H100 Fife project is fantastic for this area as the decades of heavy industry have taken their toll on both the natural landscape and the environment. It’s very fitting that this world-first project comes to Levenmouth. As there were 53 coal mines in Levenmouth alone, our carbon footprint may be larger than most and this will allow us to play our part in changing energy for future generations.”

John Mills – Head of Housing Services – Fife Council

“Fife Council is delighted to support and promote the H100 Fife project. The potential of using hydrogen as a 100% renewable green energy source offers solutions for many issues. Climate change, energy security, tackling fuel poverty and achieving the energy standards required by social landlords can all be assisted by the use of hydrogen as a fuel source for domestic, commercial and industrial needs.”

Karen Ritchie – Bright Green Hydrogen

“Hydrogen energy can heat homes and cook food in the same way as we do now with natural gas. The big difference is it doesn’t produce any carbon when it burns. This is a great opportunity for Buckhaven and Methil residents to transition early to clean energy with SGN’s support.”

If you live in the area in the map and would like to sign up to take part in H100 Fife, visit the SGN website, where you can also find out a lot more about the project.