BRAG tenant Pays it forward

During our AGM preparations, we witnessed something quite lovely. Collin Brown has been a BRAG tenant for 28 years with his upholstery business. Collin’s wife, who has difficulty with mobility was gifted two power assisted chairs to help her get out and about easily. These were given to her by the family of a friend who sadly passed away. Collin realised that his wife was using one of the chairs, but the other was not being used at all. Collin said,” I thought that someone else could get the use out of it, it seemed a waste”. He asked another of BRAG’s tenants Irene Donaldson from Re-employ if she knew anyone who could benefit from a portable electric wheelchair and she knew just the person.
Reisse Baptie is a family friend of Irene and although he has a power assisted wheelchair, it cannot be transported as the family car is too small for it. His chair currently stays at college so when on shopping trips or family outings, he must use a normal wheelchair or walk with the support of a family member. Irene said, “When Collin asked me if I knew anyone who could benefit from the chair, I had just attended a party and Reisse was there, so he instantly came to mind.” Reisse spent some time whizzing around the car park trying out his new wheels. Pictured is Reisse in his new chair with Collin Brown, I’m sure you’ll agree the smile on his face speaks volumes.