During 2020/21 BRAG achieved these objectives by delivering the following key business results:


New business support

Impact – Over the year the team have worked with a total of 770 clients which far exceeds the year before when there was no pandemic! Of the 770 clients that started the NEA Programme, 57% had their business plan approved, with 36% starting to trade and 28% reaching the key 6 month sustained trading date. Although trading and sustained trading were lower than normal for Brag due to the impact of lockdowns and Government restrictions, this was still significantly higher than any expectations placed upon us. Brag has continued to be a large contributor to the overall figures that make up the Scottish Contract – CPA11.

Community development

The [email protected]

One of our biggest achievements during the Pandemic has been the [email protected] In response to the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020 Brag set up an Emergency People’s Pantry and Food Delivery service all free of charge from our premises in Crosshill. The doors of the Pantry opened on 13 April 2020. The Pantry’s main aim at that point was to support the most vulnerable people and families within the Benarty area who had been impacted by Covid-19. Initially we were supporting over 116 people per week with an average of over 750 meals going out into the community. The support from local businesses and the community was overwhelming with offers of Fridges and bakery items from Baynes the bakers, food drives to provide extra food, farmers offering potatoes and veg as well as local convenience stores providing stock in bulk such as pasta and rice as well as members of the local community coming forward to offer their support and volunteer with the Pantry. Along with all the local support we received a weekly delivery from Fareshare and Fife Council who were providing food with support from Scottish Government.

Together Levenmouth

At the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic Brag’s Levenmouth teams led by Together Levenmouth joined Fife Council’s emergency food provision service based at The People’s Pantry Leven. Local organisations and businesses joined forces to deliver food and essentials to the most vulnerable members of the Levenmouth Community during the first lockdown.

Square Start Levenmouth

This began as a 15-month families project in August 2019. The project’s aim was to offer a holistic full family approach to employability by breaking down barriers and teaching valuable life skills to underprivileged families within the Levenmouth area whilst overcoming social isolation.  We agreed to support no less than 40 families made up of at least 125 individuals over the full 15 months.By the conclusion of our 15-month project, we successfully supported: 43 Families – 49 Adults and 86 Children


Brag’s employability team registered 386 clients, supported a further 110 people and completed and reviewed 233 CV’s securing employment for 144 of those clients.

Fife ETC

Impact – Clients were offered contact via TEAMS, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, calls and zoom depending on what suited. A lot of work went into making sure we were supporting the right people. Fife-ETC (of which Brag are lead partners) registered 996 unemployed people, helping 459 into employment and offering in work support to 225 individuals.

Affordable business space

As well as committing to the purchase and then refurbishment of the new site in Methil we have also been investing in our Crosshill asset too with capital and revenue expenditure at both sites making them more efficient and effective. Rental yields have improved, and bad debt has reduced whilst rental costs have remained affordable and flexible to our tenants needs. The new spaces at Crosshill and Methil will assist us in providing much needed affordable space to micro businesses. In line with good practice we carried out a revaluation exercise at Crosshill and were pleased to see that our investments are paying off with nearly full occupancy and an increase of £325,000 in its valuation.

For more in-depth information, photographs and case studies download our new annual report or our signed accounts below.

Annual report 2020-21

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