At BRAG we believe a better life is within everyones reach.

Our core values – Transparency and honesty sits at the heart of all that we do. This is then underpinned with a drive for continuous improvement and excellence thus ensuring we focus on our results.  These horizontal themes then continue in that we aim to ensure that the services we then offer, treat the communities and people who live within them with respect and that our offering is inclusive of everyone. Whilst delivering on this, we will work hard to to ensure that people remain safe whilst having a minimal impact on our environment.

As a Fife based community facing third sector organisation we also support the 5 Guiding Principles of the Fife Employability and Training Consortium (Fife ETC)


  1. Effective Coordination and Delivery: We will develop and deliver a coordinated approach to multi-agency community support and ensure our beneficiaries are given the tailored information and support they need to navigate the pathway that meets their needs.
  2. Transparency and Accountability: All staff will be accountable for their actions to each other, our funders and the people we serve, created through unambiguous and well defined understanding of roles and responsibilities.
  3. Representation and Inclusion: Our goal is to ensure equity of access to services and opportunities for people across our operating area no matter what barriers they face or have faced. Where we feel there are gaps we will lobby for recognising this gap in provision and offer solutions where we can
  4. Addressing Need and being Responsive: We will operate a range of person-centred services which are built around the needs of the client or their community. We will be pro-active in identifying gaps in provision and in creating new and innovative approaches to addressing these needs.
  5. Managing Quality and Performance: We will take a rigorous approach to monitoring our impact, reviewing our provision and where necessary changing our delivery model to ensure we continue to provide a quality service to all our clients and can demonstrate best value to our funders.

Brag also takes our responsibility as a holder of personal data very seriously. Our staff have all  been trained on the correct measures to be taken when asking for and handling personal information. We would encourage our customers and tenants to read through our privacy policy by clicking here.