Our charitable objects are;  


  1. To relieve poverty (among residents)  
  2. To advance education (among residents)  
  3. To promote and/or provide training in skills of all kinds particularly to assist in obtaining paid employment  
  4. To promote, establish and operate other schemes of a charitable nature for the benefit of the community  
  5. To relieve those in financial hardship, suffering discrimination by encouraging inward investment and business start-ups to take place  


Values and Principles:   

BRAG have core values of honesty and integrity which will be demonstrated across all that we do. We will maintain a responsive approach where we are both innovative and courageous in those responses. Our approach will be inclusive of all and representative of all those we have contact with and where we critically remain person centred.  

These values will act as horizontal themes that exist across all services ensuring our offer is sought out and valued by all.  



Our Ambition & Vision:   


“We exist because a better life is within everyone’s reach”.   


BRAG’s core business ambition and vision is in supporting marginalised people and communities on their journey towards a more positive future. Our tag line reflects this vision with ‘Enterprising People, Sustaining Communities’ which is prevalent in our branding and messaging.  


We will achieve this ambition by finding and inspiring people or groups within the target communities to achieve more than they themselves ever felt or knew possible. We aim to inspire them to take a step change forward by helping them recognise what is holding them back and support them with targeted interventions that help them make positive progress in their lives. The actions required of them could be in them tackling personal barriers in their lives that have not allowed them to move into work or self-employment or to sustain other social or economic improvements that have previously stopped their community thriving and growing. We will support them throughout their journey to achieve and sustain this improvement. We will assist these communities to lift themselves out of poverty working with others where necessary.  





👌WE ARE 👌 


😊 WE DO 😊  WE DON’T  
Honest and act with Integrity 

Integrity is not something you show others. It is how you behave behind their back. Integrity is doing the right thing – Even when no one is watching.  


Having the character quality of being honest, reliable, and fair. 


  • Be open and honest with everyone. 
  • Deliver on our promises. 
  • Always do the right thing by the people you support and work with. 
  • Always live in truth and accept responsibility for our own actions.  
  • Spread gossip or malicious rumours. 
  • Play the blame game. 
  • Act for selfish gain. 
  • Criticise or manipulate others. 


Have due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others.  



  • Treat others as you would expect to be treated.   
  • Welcome diversity. 
  • Actively listen. 
  • Recognise the importance of work/life balance. 
  • Apologise 
  • Give credit where it’s due. 
  • Disregard others’ opinions 
  • Disregard new ideas.  
  • Shirk responsibility. 
  • Downplay others’ achievements 
Innovative and Courageous  


Introducing new ideas, original and creative thinking.   


Keep to our principles whilst being willing to innovate, take calculated risks, make changes and keep going when things are difficult.   

  • Foster a courageous culture 
  • Think outside the box. 
  • Offer unique opportunities. 
  • Have the courage to be different. 
  • Challenge ourselves. 
  • Encourage different ways of thinking. 
  • Open to everyone’s ideas. 
  • Dismiss things that have been done before. 
  • Inhibit those with ideas. 
  • Shy away from challenges. 
  • Undermine others’ ideas. 
  • Ridicule lack of experience or skill 


Provide equal access for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised.   


We hear the employee voice.  


  • Let people be themselves. 
  • Give equal access to opportunities. 
  • Welcome and openly encourage.  
  • Make the workplace a safe and enjoyable space.  
  • Work together to represent all employees. 
  • Discriminate 
  • Exclude 
  • Make assumptions. 
  • Forget we are all part of a bigger team.   
Person Centred/Responsive 


We respond appropriately putting people at the centre of our approach recognising what is important to that person in front of us.  




  • We react in a timely manner and are proactive to altering needs. 
  • We are open to adaptation, and we are flexible in our design. 


  • We will not be stuck in our ways or assume one size fits all. 
  • We will not make people feel unsafe or worthless. 
  • We will not start with a low expectation of those we work with.  





Brag also takes our responsibility as a holder of personal data very seriously. Our staff have all  been trained on the correct measures to be taken when asking for and handling personal information. We would encourage our customers and tenants to read through our privacy policy by clicking here.