PopUp Business school Team holding plants.

PopUp Business School comes to Fife

BRAG Enterprises are thrilled to be hosting the PopUp Business school at the Levenmouth Community Enterprise Centre at Thomson House in Methil from 2nd to 6th March 2020.

This free event is their first ever in Fife and is brought to us by Levenmouth Together and funded by Fife Council. The PopUp Business School was founded in 2012 by Alan Donegan and Simon Paine. They believed that the traditional start-up advice and support wasn’t working for a lot of people, So they tried a different approach, inspiring people to use their passion first and build the business secondly. The team have grown over the years and offer business advice in their own inimitable style all over the world. To date they have helped over 1500 businesses start all over the UK.

PopUp Business School Chief Operations Officer Henry Nicholson explained: “Like all our events, the Levenmouth sessions will aim to help people make money from something they love.  We want to inspire them to forget all about red tape and just have a go, but without getting into debt.

 “We cover everything from sales and social media to setting up a free website and marketing,” Henry added. “Of course we cover topics such as tax, business structure and finance, but we leave those until last as it’s more important to focus on your dream than on the technical issues.”

Speaking of the innovative team coming to Levenmouth Brian Robertson-Fern Chair of Levenmouth Together explained: “ We don’t see this as a business only event, we hope that it attracts anyone with a passion to come along and learn valuable transferrable skills, whatever that passion is, we hope it encourages people to come along and think a little differently, the emphasis is on innovation. It is hoped that this event will inspire the attendees and mark the beginning of an exciting time in the Levenmouth area, with an emphasis on stimulating inclusive economic growth.”

Learn more about Levenmouth Together here.

Further information including booking and schedule can be found by visiting here.