Work starts on new Glencraig closed loop cycle track

What is it?

This new  Closed Loop Cycling Circuit being built in Glencraig will be a loop of tarmac road, fully street-lit and built to ‘A Road’ standard. It will allow for a full range of cycling activities to take place in a traffic free environment all year round.

The total distance of the road will be around 1.6 km, within this offering various circuit layout options. This means users will be able to choose from a variety of circuits to suit the activity as well as having the option of more than one group or session using the facility at the same time.

The Circuit will also be in a position to host regional and national level cycling events at what would be a ‘first of its kind’ facility in Scotland. Motorbikes, or any other type of motorised vehicles, will not be permitted on the Cycling Circuit.

What are the benefits for the community?


The Circuit would help to further increase the sense of pride in the community, hosting a facility that is suitable for attracting local, regional and national events as well as excellent local facilities that can be made available for all. This will help improve economic activity the Benarty area

  • The Circuit would create several employment opportunities including self-employed, opportunities for workforce development, volunteering and engagement with local businesses.
  • Users of the facility would bring with them a desire to purchase from local shops and businesses.
  • This facility would provide opportunities for all ages and abilities to be physically active on a bike through top level coaching and training opportunities for the community as well as attracting regional, Scottish and British Championship events.
  • Introducing a facility within walking distance or with good public transport links will provide an easy to reach place that will impact positively on the community’s health and well-being.

Brag have been assisting Fife Council with the Business Plan  identifying  a sustainable future for the site with the possibility of a local social enterprise managing the site

The site is due to go live in early 2018