Often, a new business requires some start-up money and the good news is, that as Social Enterprises are benefitting the community in some way, there is some financial help! It’s a bit of a minefield as there are many different funding streams and trying to negotiate which one is best for your project can be tricky.

Don’t worry though, we will help you find the right path to take. If you’d like to have a look at the types of projects that attract funding please click here and register.

Also the SEN Bridging Loan Fund opened in August 2018.

The SEN Bridging Loan Fund is a small fund that was created by the financial investment of people and organisations within the Scottish Third Sector, via the purchase of Community Bonds. BRAG was one of those investors

The fund is aimed at SEN members who are Compliant with the Social Enterprise Code.

This is the link to the fund and all the relevant information that applicants require along with the application form.

You will need to have your legal status in place and a good business plan before applying for funding, so get in touch with us and we can help you put everything together. Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like that before – that’s why we are here.

Call us now for some advice: 01592 860296 (ask for the Social Enterprise Team)

Brag and it’s other partners will do all we can to make sure your business is the success you want it to be.