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In 2016-17 we:

provided employability support in partnership with Fife Employment & Training Consortium (Fife ETC)

  • We Registered over 1012 people
  • Employment outcomes = we moved 397 people into jobs
  • Accessing formal education/training= 88 attended college courses
  • Completed our own internal courses = 1038
  • Received Key worker 1-2-1 support = 957 support interventions
  • Accessed volunteering 94 places
  • Work placements = 82 places taken up
  • Onward referral = 29 referrals for other support agencies

in addition:

  • We provided affordable workspace at three of our sites in Fife
    • 10 local businesses were located at Crosshill Business Centre with these local businesses then providing employment for 25 local people.
    • Other businesses/services based at Crosshill Business Centre offered employment for a further 10 local people. (another 10 Businesses)
    • In total 41 local people were employed at Crosshill Business Centre, with a further 45 from out with the Benarty area
    • BRAG also supported the operation of the Benarty Foodbank in the area by offering free accommodation for the service within the Crosshill Business Centre
    • We also supported another charitable organisations like ReEmploy who currently offer employment to disabled employees allowing them (Re-Employ) to stay free rent for over 2 years now
    • A recent initiative has also seen BRAG make it’s 15 seat minibus available to local constituted community groups free of charge (subject to insurance related requirements)
    • BRAG itself, also provided employment to 6 full time local members of staff, with a further 13 members of staff from out with the immediate area with all but 2 of the staff team being Fife based


  • Business Support and Advice for social enterprise
    • We provided 135 Business Assists
    • We helped Start up 19 new social enterprises
    • We hosted 11 Business training or network events
  • Business Support and Advice for new business start ups across Central Scotland
    • 426 Starts on programme
    • 329 Business Plans approved
    • 267 new businesses commenced trading
    • 136 of these sustained trading
  • Youth Engagement and Learning activities including Greenpower F24
    • Total clients Supported 14yrs +  = 116
    • Accessing Programmes – 14-19yrs = 94
    • Accessing Programmes – 20yrs + = 22
    • Progressing to Further Education/Training = 29
    • Gaining Full/Part Qualifications = 36
    • Progressing to Employment = 10
  • We also supported Community based engagement activities in Glenrothes, Cowdenbeath and Methil (through our ABCD approach)

This valuable work was only possible with all your help. Please help us keep it up